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Buntham (Chenny)

Course: Industrial design of honors
Institute: RMIT University

What are the reasons you decide to go study in Australia rather than in Thailand?
Australia has better education system. Also I want to experience a different type of culture and environment.

Why did you chose this course?
I am interested in designing things, it brings me joy.

What are the university’s strength points that made you chose to study here?
RMIT is ranked 11th in Art and Design over the world, and the best in Australia, as I am studying design related course I feel like RMIT University will be a good fit for me. In addition, RMIT have a great reputation and connection with design related industry.

How do you know Insight? And how our team help you to study in Australia?
I knew Insight Education Consulting through study exhibitions. P’Orn and team helped me more than just getting into the university I wanted. They also support me in other areas such as housing and socializing.