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Study Business and Management in Australia

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Why study Business and Management

Business is usually the most popular subject chosen by international students each year, especially for postgraduates, as it is believed this will give you a great base from which to launch your career. Business management usually involves a range of activities and responsibilities that are used to manage an organization, things like organizing, planning, monitoring the operations as well as controlling the finances, meeting regulations and compliance and developing strategy for future growth. A good manager has a range of skills and will usually be part of a team. Courses in business and management can cover a wide range of areas such as Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship and Law. You would usually study a range of theory and case studies to help you become an effective business leader, a manager of the company’s resources and people.

Bachelors in this area are often Bachelor of Commerce programs in Australia and are designed to combine a range of managerial skills with a competence in a particular area of business through a Major. Some programmes are linked to specific areas of business, especially postgraduate programs, like Human Resource Management, Marketing, or Accounting but there are also general broader management degrees.

There will also be a number of programmes that give you the chance to get industry experience and insights through work placements or internships, and often a chance to get valuable connections.

What can I do with a Business and Management degree?

There are a wide range of career choices available with a business or management qualification and remember pretty much every organization or company has a manager or more likely many managers at different positions and levels and the success of a company can often be closely linked to the management. Therefore, Business and Management graduates are likely to be in high demand and one of the advantages of a degree like this is that it gives you the chance to work in such a wide range of positions and industries.

Obviously, those more specific subjects like Accounting might also mean you may also take professional exams and get accreditation and are more likely to go onto a career in this area.

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