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Why Study Computer Science and Information Technology?

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We are in the digital age and many successful successful companies gain a competitive advantage through their software or ‘platforms’, and many of the most valuable companies rely on data.

Fast moving and driving many mainstream innovations computer scientists, and their technology are changing the world with new opportunities, and threats, seemingly introduced more and more frequently. The rate of change of technology has never been faster and this is built largely upon the switch to a digital world, and the increase in access to information. Whether it’s AI and Machine learning, data science or blockchain there are a number of technological advances that look set to keep changing our future. Computer science is a dynamic and rapidly growing area that has become an integral part of the world that we live in today. Having a degree in this field will provide you with a deep understanding of theories and emerging technologies

What is the difference between them – IT (information technology) careers are more about installing, maintaining, and improving computer systems, operating networks, and databases. Meanwhile, computer science is about using mathematics to program systems to run more efficiently, including their design and development.

  • Bachelor of Science (Data Science) – The University of Melbourne
  • Master of Computer Science – The University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Science – The University of Sydney
  • Master of Professional Engineering (Intelligent Information Engineering) – The University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics – The Australian National University
  • Master of Engineering in Digital Systems & Telecommunications – The Australian National University
  • Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Information Technology – Monash University
  • Master of Artificial Intelligence – Monash University
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) – UNSW Sydney
  • Master of Data Science – UNSW Sydney
  • Bachelor of Computer Science – The University of Queensland
  • Masters of Cybersecurity – The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments – QUT
  • Master in Data Analytics – QUT
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Network Engineering) – RMIT
  • Master of Business Information Technology – RMIT
  • Bachelor of Computer Science – The University of Adelaide
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Enterprise Systems Development) – UTS Sydney
  • Master of Internetworking – UTS Sydney

What kind of career can I expect from studying Computer Science and Information Technology?

As the technology changes so do the opportunities, but there is a demand for specialists in computer science and in IT. There has even been a debate growing with one side suggesting everybody should learn to code and program a computer, and others suggesting this isn’t the answer to our economic or social issues. Graduates in both Computer Science and Information Technology will both likely lead you into a booming industry.

From an Application Analyst, a Database Administrator, a Software Engineer, a UX Designer, or Web Developer to a an IT Consultant or an entrepreneur with your own tech start up there are many possible career outcomes.

Top ranked institutions in Australia for Computer Science and Information Technology (QS 2020 subject rankings):

  • The University of Melbourne – 32nd in the world
  • The Australian National University – 41st in the world
  • The University of Sydney – 42nd in the world
  • Monash University – Top 100
  • UNSW Sydney – Top 100
  • The University of Queensland – Top 100
  • UTS Sydney – Top 100
  • QUT – Top 150
  • RMIT- Top 150
  • The University of Adelaide – Top 150

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