Australia's capital city which captures all the charm and beauty that is beyond time.


Australia's capital city which captures all the charm and beauty that is beyond time.

Canberra is the capital of Australia embracing many fascinating and beautiful buildings. Canberra means “meeting place” in Ngunnawal, one of the Indigenous languages spoken in the district by Aboriginal Australians. It is a city with a comfortable  atmosphere, well designed and well-planned. Including being called “The capital of the past to the future”.

Canberra is the administrative center of the country. It is the location of various government offices such as Parliament, National Art Gallery and the National Library. The natural beauty around Canberra is special with plains, mountains and snowy mountains that are suitable for skiing in the winter. The main river is the Molonglo River that flows through Canberra and was excavated into a beautiful large lake to support the water during the rainy season.

Moreover, Canberra is a city suitable for study because it is a safe city and has a low crime rate. It ranked the 22nd best student city in the QS Best Student City Rankings in 2018. There is a place for entertainment, shopping with great sport events and also home of wine production.

Canberra has good weather regardless of the season. In Spring, the city is very beautiful, with many flowers coming into bloom. It is a perfect time for hiking and biking around the colorful city lakes. With different seasons, the scenery of the city will change from shades of red, gold, reddish brown, ocher to crimson. Also, you should not miss Australia’s biggest celebration of spring takes place each year in Canberra!

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Mount Ainslie

Mount Ainslie is popular for its excellent view of Canberra and the stars at night. You will see large trees with different shades and colors on streets and with the Capital Hill as a backdrop. It is a beautiful vista.

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Lake Burley Griffin

A large lake located in the heart of Canberra city. It is an ideal water playground for children. You can do many activities here – sailing, kayaking, fishing, biking or even chill out, drink coffee or eat with friends surrounded by nature and beautiful views.

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Australian National Botanic Gardens

A large national botanical garden spread over the Black Mountain hills. You can see Australia’s well-preserved plants and flowers. But one of the highlights of this garden is the Red Center which is covered with red soil and meadows including a play area for children. It is also a paradise for birds and butterflies. You can travel from this park to Black Mountain Nature Park to see beautiful views of Canberra.

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National Zoo and Aquarium

The only place that combines a zoo and aquarium in Australia. It is just 5 minutes away from the city center. This aquarium collects a wide variety of marine life, from small reef animals to large sharks. For the zoo, there are all important animals of Australia, and foreign  animals such as lions, tigers, cheetahs and bears.

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Australian War Memorial

A Byzantine-style monument commemorating the deaths of soldiers and people from Australia’s wars. This is more than a war memorial but there are museums,
extensive archives, art galleries and libraries. There are also galleries that show the story of Australia’s armed conflicts from the colonial period to the present day. It also has pictures of old planes and Discovery Zone with interactive displays for children to learn.

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National Gallery of Australia

It is one of Australia’s largest art museums which collects more than 166,000 world-class art and exhibitions, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art collation comprising of over 7,500 works and it is the largest in the world.

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