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How to study English in Australia

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There are lots of different types of ELICOS courses (which stands for ‘English Language Intensive Courses for International Students’) in Australia. There are a whole range of different types of courses available at a wide range of schools and university language centres so there are English courses for every level and need.  Some examples may be:

•  General English – to improve your general language level and skills and can be from beginner all the way to advanced levels.
• English for Academic Purposes – programmes to help prepare you to study in an Australian school, college or University and usually with more focus on the written English needed for study.
• Exam Preparation course –  improving your language skills but with a special focus on examp techniques and practice
• Specialist English courses – usually aimed at a specific industry such as Business English or English for English for the Tourism Industry
• Study Tours – often for small groups  and usually combining your language study with other tourist activities.

Usually there will be a range of different styles of teaching focusing on all the skills required in learning a language and each of the types of ELICOS course above may have different approaches, some more based around learning and ‘fun’ whereas others have more formal learning outcomes. You will usually get regular assessment and feedback to measure your progress and ensure you reach your targets.

You will usually study with other students of a similar level and in order to find the right class for you there will usually be a ‘placement test’, this a test you take to see what your level is when you arrive at the school. You shouldn’t think of this as a test you can pass or fail but rather one that checks what your level is so that you will go in to the right level of class.

In most cases you can start an ELICOS programme any time of year but some of the specific English for Academic Purposes programmes may be linked to academic start dates.