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Monash University, Australia’s Largest University

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Presented by Emily, university representative from Monash University

Monash University at a glance

Monash University was established in 1958 and we only had about 350 students at the start. But we’re now actually Australia’s largest University, which is, of course, something we’re very proud of. We have about 83,500 students who study with us. There are about 54,000 undergraduate degree students and 24,000 graduate degree students.

We have 4 major campuses in the city of Melbourne in Victoria, where we’re based and were a member of the Group of Eight Universities. We are a truly global University. We have campuses overseas in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China in Italy. Some students actually have the opportunity within their degree to study part of their degree at a Monash campus overseas. Then we also have over 115 teaching partners amongst 30 different countries.

There are a lot of international students at Monash University. We always give you the opportunity to do either an exchange program in another country or sometimes even part of your internship or work-integrated learning in another country as well.

Reasons to choose Monash University

We are in the top 1% and the top 100 in the world. We have our teaching partners overseas and our university campuses overseas. We also have a really good reputation as well.

We have three-year accredited courses unlike studying in the US, for example. You jump right into your degree here at Monash. You don’t have to do a year of general classes. You can start right away from your first year with the degree and the content that you are really interested in so that even includes our Medicine and Health Science programs. You don’t have to do a pre-Medicine program, you go right into the degree, so an average Bachelor degree is just 3 years.

We also have a really big range of double degrees. The double degree is where you’re actually studying 2 different Bachelor degrees at the same time and you can finish that in an average of just 4 years. Some of them are 5 years if one of them is an honors degree. So that’s obviously a really great way to set yourself apart from other graduates and to integrate 2 different program areas that you are interested in as well.

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All of our programs will have work-integrated learning which is much like an internship and that will be set up by Monash. Basically, you are working out in the field and we make sure that you really applying the learning that you’ve taken from the classroom and applying it in the workplace.

We have wonderful student support services with our group who we call Monash Connect so regardless of whether you’re an international student or an Australian student. You’ll be well looked after by our support team and the student experience as well.

There is something a little bit different about Monash. Our campus is not based right in the city of Melbourne. We are out in the suburbs about 20 to 30 minutes depending on which campus you study at. We have a lot of students who stay on campus to study with other students or to participate in one of over 100 clubs and societies that we have to offer as well as all the different free on-campus experiences.

Monash University Rankings

We’re number 55 top university in the world by QS World University Rankings for 2021 and number 59 in the world for Employability which based on students who find jobs within six months of graduating at a full-time rate. In terms of the city, Melbourne is ranked number 3 best city in the world for students by QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2019.

The University is “number one for engineering and technology” by Times Higher Education Rankings 2016-2019. So there is a lot of our programs at Monash are in the top 100 in the world. Monash Business School is the largest business school in the in Australia. We also have a lot of programs that are in the top 30 in the world.

Monash locations and campuses

Let’s go into the Monash location. You can actually see where we are. Most students here would be at one of two major campuses that we have. As I said before, there are 4 major campuses here in Melbourne which you can see from the picture below.

Caulfield campus

The first would be the Caulfield campus. It’s 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD or central business district. You can get to the Caulfield campus really easily by train. There are a lot of the students living around Clayton campus or live in the city or a house or apartment around the Caulfield campus but they can just take the train right to Caulfield campus. This campus is where our fine art design and architecture students would be as well as some of our business students.

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There are about 19,000 students who study at the Caulfield campus with 1,000 academics. There’s restaurants, some activities on campus, also a really nice gym as well. This campus is a little bit easier to get around because there are not as many buildings at the Clayton campus.

We do have a free shuttle bus that goes in between the campuses which are really important because you will find that a lot of our activities actually do happen at the Clayton campus. You can take a 10-minute shuttle over to that campus.

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Clayton Campus

Now I’ll show you the Clayton campus which is our major campus and this is where most of our undergraduate students would be based. Clayton is home to 38,000 students so it is quite a large campus with 8,000 academic staff. I always have students asked me if it’s such a big campus, how many students am I going to be sitting in the classroom with us. Our average class size for students is just 28 – 33 students per one academic staff, so really small class sizes still or moderately small class sizes. You can expect that in your first year or some of the major classes that a lot of students will need to take the lecture classes from 180 – 250 students but usually, you will be in that smaller classroom setting.

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The Clayton campus is where we have a lot more of our activities as well. We also have basically anything that you need and expect in one major campus. We have a cinema, restaurants, bars, a post office, chemist medical services, hair salon and supermarket – all are on this campus.

Actually this campus has its very own postcode so it’s like we built our own mini city of a campus in Clayton. Clayton is a little bit more of a suburb so you should expect that if you do decide to study at Monash. You will be based in a suburb if you’re studying at the Clayton campus but a lot of students actually really appreciate that kind of style or that kind of a setting. We also have a really nice brand new gym, pool, and huge sporting facilities at the Clayton campus as well.


Melbourne is ranked the third best city in the world for students as of 2019, also one of the world’s most livable cities and that’s based on all the factors – education, culture, health system, infrastructure, environment and safety & stability.

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Something for everyone

I always tell students that it’s really important that you understand the location of where you’re studying, not only the city where you’re studying but also where your campus will be based on simplicity. You can also recognize that Melbourne is a diverse city. There’s also a lot of events and festivals, lots going on in the city. We have the Australian Open every year. We also host the F1 Grand Prix. We have Australian rules football or AFL and cricket games. So Melbourne is considered as the sports capital in Australia.

We also have a lot of nature as well. Monash University is not far from the beach. You can see the Great Ocean Road and Brighton Beach as well. Melbourne is well-known for arts and cafe culture.

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Your culture is our culture

There is almost 37% of Melbourne residents were born overseas. When you’re walking down the street or just in general, you really feel like you are at home because there are people from a ton of different countries. Melbourne is home to people from approximately 200 countries and we also have 2.5 million international visitors every year. We also have cuisines from all over the world and we’re also known for our delicious coffee as well in Melbourne.

An easy city to get around

Now a lot of our students do not choose to get a car when they move here to Monash or Melbourne. They actually can just take public transportation because it’s a really easy city to get it. There is a card called a ‘myki card’. It’s very affordable to take public transportation throughout Melbourne. So it can get you all the way from the International Airport to Monash campus.

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Heath, safety and security

And as I mentioned before being ranked one of the top cities, Melbourne was ranked in the Top 10 safest cities in the world for students to study based on personal safety, health safety, digital security and infrastructure. So it’s really important to know where you are studying is going to be a safe place to study and live. So you can consider Melbourne is a very safe place to study.

Accommodation options at Monash University

There are so many different housing options that you can choose from at Monash University. You can choose to live either on-campus or off-campus as a Monash student. It doesn’t matter how long you want to stay on campus or what age you are, there’s really no limit as far as that goes. If you’re doing a postgraduate degree or an undergraduate degree any students can choose to stay on campus with us.

Let’s go into one of the units that we have on-campus which is one of our studio apartments. What I always tell students is you always will have a private bedroom if you do choose to live on campus at Monash. It is quite an affordable option when you compare it to rentals in the area depending on how many people you choose to rent out with but it can be comparable to renting out a unit or an apartment or sometimes even cheaper.

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Obviously, it’s really convenient you have everything that you need on campus, especially, if you live at the Clayton campus. It’s a really great way to get to know other students and to really feel involved with the other students but also with the campus activities.

It’s a really great way to integrate to living in a new country as well. Because the transition can be a little bit of a challenge, especially at first. If you live on campus, it’s really easy to integrate into and find a new friend group.

You can apply for on-campus accommodation even before you have an offer with Monash. It is first come first serve so if you’re thinking about living on campus, please just make sure you apply early because our places do fill up and we don’t want you to be disappointed if we don’t have any apartments left at the end.

The other option would be to live off-campus. There are a few different options for you there. You can choose to live right in the middle of the city. You can choose to rent out an apartment by yourself or with friends. Or you can work with our partner provider called ‘Urbanest’. They helps students find accommodation within the city so they have a group of accommodation providers that they work with so that’s a really good option.

Cost of living in Melbourne

There is such a huge range of different prices that you might be looking at. It is just an idea that you might spend each week. These fees or costs are all in Australian dollars so please keep that in mind.

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Student life in campus

We do have a really wide range of activities and services at Monash University. Something called Amigo which is an app. It’s like a social networking app specifically for the students that come to Monash.

We have over 100 social clubs and academic clubs so those include everything from music, culture to reading clubs such as Harry Potter clubs. If you think of one area that you’re interested in, we most likely have a club or society for you.

We have a peer-assisted study sessions and peer mentoring where you’re actually working with other students, which is a really great way to be connected and to get some additional support. We have a Monash Student Association as well as the Monash International Student Association. Those are groups of students who are working and advocating for students that come to Monash.

We have a huge range of health and well-being services. As an international student, you will be getting overseas health cover so that’s important for you know that almost all of any health requirements will be covered under your student health insurance or a large percentage of it will be covered.

Webinar recording: Introduction to Monash University

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