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Study at Trinity College – A pathway to the University of Melbourne

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Hello everyone, my name is Crystal Gordon, a regional manager of Thailand at Trinity College. Trinity College is a pathway provider to the University of Melbourne. So, we are provide a foundation program for students who want to come to the University. I would like to give you an overview and information about Trinity College, University of Melbourne first.

Get to know about Trinity College

University of Melbourne is the number one university in Australia. So, coming through Trinity College Foundation Program, you actually be able to get a guaranteed entry into the University of Melbourne. The building you see now is a building for the foundation program at Health, and right at the back of this building, you can the University of Melbourne campus. So we are very closed to the University.

Why choose the University of Melbourne

Now, let’s talk a little bit about University of Melbourne because it is your end goal and where you want to get your qualifications and degree. Why are you choose the University of Melbourne? Let’s see a few rankings of the University. We have reputation for excellence which is ranked No.1 in Australia and No.32 in the world by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020. The reason I tell you this ranking because when you come to study at the University of Melbourne and you get your Australia degree, you can apply for a post-study work visa for two years. So you can earn a full-time salary for two years before you can return home to Thailand. If you study at the top university in Australia, of course, employer will look at the top university first. So this is a really open up door for your career. And you can also bring your skills back home to Thailand and use them in the organizations in your home country.

In terms of student success, the University is ranked No.7 in the world for graduate employability. So not only working in Australia but you can travel to get a career in other countries such as in Singapore and USA. You can use your degree as a ticket to get into another area as well.

We have a very large campus. We have over 50,000 students that came to study at the University of Melbourne and over 40% of these are international students from over 140 countries. So it is a very diverse campus. You will be studying with students from all over the world and you can learn a lot from people from different students, different mindsets, different cultures. You can take this experience with you to your workplace after you finish your degree.

We also have flexible degrees with a broad range of majors. If you come to study a bachelor’s here, for example, Bachelor of Science, you have over 42 different majors to choose from such as Computer Science, IT, Health Science, and Engineering.

Let’s see where the University of Melbourne ranks. We have many areas that are ranked No.1 in Australia, for example, Dentistry, Computer Science, Accounting and Finance, Business, Medicine, and Law. Again, go back to the post-study work visa for two years. As our degrees are ranking in No.1 in Australia and many employers will look for students that have knowledge and skills from the University of Melbourne. However, it is not just only in Australia, in the worldwide rank, we are ranked in No.6 for Law, No.17 for Medicine. So there is a lot of areas that we are ranked in the Top 20 – Top 40 in the world that you can grow and apply for a job in that area around the world.

QS World Discipline Rankings

  Australia Rank World Rank
Accounting & Finance 1 16
Anatomy 1 9
Biology 1 29
Business 1 20
Chemistry 1 37
Communication 1 35
Computer Science 1 32
Dentistry 1 30
Economics 1 24
Education 1 14
Electrical Engineering 1 35
Law 1 6
Linguistics 1 22
Medicine 1 17
Psychology 1 18
Statistics 1 24

Study a Bachelor degree at the University of Melbourne

We have an undergraduate degree in:

  • Agriculture
  • Arts
  • Biomedicine
  • Commerce
  • Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Music
  • Oral Health
  • Science

You may notice that we don’t offer a Bachelor of Finance or a Bachelor of Accounting. These degrees have a broad degree. So we have a Bachelor of Commerce and you can do a major in Finance, Economics, Accounting or Management. You will do a foundation degree in your undergraduate degree 3-year program then you will grow on a specialized level in postgraduate or masters.

Foundation Studies Pathway

Now I will talk about your immediate steps to get into the University of Melbourne. It is “Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS)”. We have very high academic standards. To get into the University of Melbourne, we will be looking for a student that very bright who are very academic excellence. So, we will look at your school result when you come into TCFS program and we quite strict with our requirements.  The big advantage of studying at Trinity College is you will study at the foundation studies building which is on the campus of the University of Melbourne. This means you are able to explore the University and use the facilities such as gyms, cafes, and libraries. You can slowly explore the University in that one-year foundation program. When you start at the University of Melbourne, let’s say you are doing a science degree you have already known where science buildings and labs are. This can be very helpful for you when you do transition into the University. Another great advantage of Trinity College is our small class sizes. We have a maximum of 15 students to one teacher in small tutorial groups or laboratories. This will give you an opportunity to get to know your peers very well. You can do lots of teamwork and ask a lot of questions. You can also know your teacher very well. There will be a lot of open discussions in the classroom.  There will be an opportunity to voice your opinions and this is a great way that you can actually learn further. Everything that we teach at Trinity College is academically supervised by the University of Melbourne.

In Thailand, there are many different curriculums like GCSE, IB, or local curriculum (Matthayom). There are different teaching methods in each curriculum, for example, Math in GCSE vs Math in IB is very different. So when you come to the University, you still need to fill the gaps in knowledge. What we teach you in foundation studies at Trinity College will directly follow on at the University of Melbourne. We set up the foundation for you to build those building blocks until your undergraduate degree. This will help you excel well when you do at the University.

“1 in 4 international students studying at the University of Melbourne comes through Trinity College.”

Many friends that you meet at the foundation program will actually be with you in the bachelor’s degree at the University of Melbourne. And over 70% of TCFS students matriculate into the University of Melbourne. However, whatever reasons that you cannot get a score to get into Trinity College, it does not means that you cannot get into other Australian degrees.  TCFS score is recognized by all Australian universities. So if you cannot get a spot in the University of Melbourne, you can use Trinity College Foundation Studies score to get into other Australian universities and apply for one of their undergraduate degrees.

One of the big things that Trinity College students have to understand is we are not a school. We are structured like a university. The lecture hold here (see the picture below) is the lecture at Trinity College campus. You will join a lecture with 200-300 students. Now, the lecture at Trinity College is 90 minutes. The way that we structure timetables are lectures, tutorials, and laboratories. You have 90 minutes lecture in which you will be sitting in a big lecture hall and it is not a lot of interaction. But if you go to the small tutorial classes, there will be 50 students maximum to one teacher. This one will have more participation. You can ask your questions, get advice from your teacher, and learn more about specific topics that will be cover in the lecture. And same as the laboratories as well that you will do practical, activities and experiment.

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When you are in the school you have the set timetable for everything like classes, lunchtime and breaks. But when you come to the University it depends on what subject you study. Your timetable may be different from your peers. For example, you come to the class on Monday to join a lecture, classes, and tutorials – every busy day. But on Tuesday, you may have only one class from 2 pm to 3 pm. You need to remember that when you come across to Melbourne, you are here to study. You have to learn to live independently. You need to go buy groceries, cook, and clean the room by yourself. And, of course, it is important to do the social life to get involved in the clubs and societies. You cannot be a student to study all the time because you can get burnout very quickly. So it is important to have your rest time, your social lifetime and know when is your study. However, these are something that you may be never managed by yourself but you can learn at Trinity College. You can learn what works best for you. Maybe you are a morning study or night study up. When you go to the University you already know what type of student you are and what works best for you.

Outstanding facilities

At Trinity College, we have outstanding facilities. This Gateway Building (see picture below) where the foundation of Health was built in 2016. It is new building and we have interactive classes. We get a very high technology and equipment. You will do iPad learning at Trinity College. So, you have to do attending quiz in your lectures. Your lecturer will put up the quiz on the screen for you to participate. And you will experience this in the University of Melbourne as well.  We will transition you from that classroom mentality into the higher education mentality.

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Skills you will gain at Trinity College

At Trinity College, you will gain some skills you may not have learned from school.

Active participation  If you study here, you will have a chance to speak up and ask a question in the class tutorials. This is encouragement. We want students to ask questions or show their different thoughts. This is an important part of learning.

Academic writing skills  We know that you are a student and you have done many essays in your school life. But in higher-level academic writing, it needs to be concise and right to the point. You can write an essay for 2,000 words but you can say the same information in 1,500 words. So we will teach you how to be concise and to the point.

Critical thinking skills  There is subject a called ‘History of Ideas’ which is all about critical thinking. It is about looking at a topic from different angles, different arguments, and justify your view. We want you to create your own academic opinion. Students should have a different view on the same topic, not the all same opinions with others. As long as you know how to argue our cases with the right pieces of evidence, you will get the mark. This is a very important concept to move to study at the University.

Research skills  You need to know how to do the right research, not just search on Google or Wikipedia. You need to use proper journal banks. We will teach you the right form to do research at Trinity College. The journal bank that you use at Trinity College, you will use it at the University of Melbourne as well.

Challenging ideas and right answer  Going back to what I said before that we don’t have to have the same opinions and agree with everything that we read. It is okay for us to have a different view. It is very much what the world is all about these days.

Public speaking  Another very important skill that you will learn here. It is compulsory for all Trinity College students to do a drama class. The ability to communicate with others, collaborate, and speak confidently and clearly is a very important skill in any field that you get into and to do an oral presentation. And it is a core component of the University studies.


Now, let’s move on to the subjects that we offer at Trinity College. When you come to Trinity College you will study five subjects. There are two core subjects which are English and History of Ideas. Regardless of what fields you want to study in the future, you will study these subjects as it is a core curriculum.

English is split into three components. English Literature (focus on your academic writing skills), Drama (focus on your public speaking skills), and English for Academic Purposes (this will teach you about references skill and setting up the bibliography. So we will teach you how to set up your assignment for your University studies.)

The second core subject is History of Ideas. It is very much to generate critical thinking skills, and ask you the form and justify your own opinions using evidence to support that.

Then we have elective subjects. The course will depend on what degree you would like to get into. For example, if you interest in an area like Biomedicine. The proactive subjects that you must take at Trinity College are Mathematics 1 and Chemistry. If you want to take a subject like Commerce – if you are interested in something like Business, you must take Mathematics 1.  However, you don’t need to pick a subject before you come to Trinity College program. This will be done during your orientation week. I just would like you to get an idea of what subjects we offer at Trinity College. You can see more subjects in the picture below.

Academic Entry Requirements

Now, a very important question that everyone wants to know “what do I need to get into Trinity College?”. I have listed the different academic entry requirements.

1st Year of IB Diploma

Main Program – aggregate score of 23 across 5 subjects

Fast Track Program – aggregate score of 26 across 5 subjects

IGCSE O Levels

Main Program – 4 B’s and 1 C

Fast Track Program – 3 A’s and 2 B’s

Matthayom 6

Main Program – GPA 3.0+ in 4 relevant subjects

Fast Track Program – GPA 3.5+ in 4 relevant subjects

You can come to Insight Education Consulting with your score results. They will be able to tell and help you which intake you are able to get into. Add Line: @insightedu or call 02 236 7222.

TCFS Guaranteed Entry into UoM

How do we get guaranteed entry into the University of Melbourne through Trinity College? If you can to Trinity College, you will study five subjects, we take average of the best four. The best four average we create a percentage and just list it here. Trinity College guarantee your entry scores. You don’t have to be a 100% student which means you can get into a Bachelor of Science with best fours of average 80%. For example, if A get a 80% and B get a 90% and they both want to get into a Bachelor of Science, they both get a spot reserve at the University of Melbourne. As long as you need to get a minimum required score, you will get a spot reserve to get into the University of Melbourne.

The five prerequisite subjects are Agriculture, Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design, and Science.

                                                                                                                                TCFS Guaranteed Entry into UoM

COVID-19 - What does this mean for education?

I have conversation about COVID-19 so I will quickly talk about this. I know that many students are thinking to study overseas but not quite sure what happening. At Trinity College, many students are now studying online. The key message we would like to drive is it is actually better that students to NOT take a big gap in the education. Some students may think that they will take 6 months off and see the situation how it be like. If you let your brain go to sleep for 6 months to a year, it can be very hard to pick up the moment being a student. If you think you might take a gap here and see the situation, you may find that you need to relearn, do assignment, do essay and how to study.

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The biggest thing, of course, you get a spot at the University of Melbourne. If you get a spot at the University of Melbourne but you want to defer to do a little bit of travel and take time off, that’s more than fine. Many students do that too. However, the rest of year 2020, studying in Trinity College will be online study which means you don’t have to travel, you can study at your home country. As we don’t know what the situation will be like next year, we may have a hybrid program but this is depends on when the border opens. You maybe do a portion of program online, and back to study at the campus when you are safe to come to Melbourne. Then you can continue your Foundation program here.

If you have any questions about studying at Trinity College, you can talk to Insight Education Consulting to get more information and free counselling. Add Line: @insightedu or call 02 236 7222.

Support and Wellbeing

At Trinity College, it is just about academic. It is very important to look after students with a lot of support so your wellbeing is important to us too. We have a very popular mentoring program. all students will get a mentor for regularly contact. No matter you study online or in person, you will have someone to catch up once in a while to keep you on track on your studies. You will have a normal chat with your mentor. It is not always academic, sometimes it is a profession staff. Sometimes you may need some assistant but you are not sure who to go to, speak to your mentor then they will be able to direct you to a right that person.

We have a very strong welfare team at Trinity College. We get counsellor team available both for online and in person. For example, if you feel a little stress or you have a time managing problem, you can speak one to one to your counsellor to get some consultation and assistance.  When it is close to exam time, tutors will open up a virtual class which you can attend so you can come with your questions. You can do exercise and go through in different topics to be ready for the exam. This is available for all student to help them to get into the University of Melbourne.

If you are under 18 years old and come across to Melbourne, we have support to you. We have an accommodation for students under 18 and have a guidance on side. You will also have a curfew until 9.30 PM every day to be back to your accommodation. This is a support to help you and keep you safe and make sure you are well look after when you come to Trinity College.

Club and societies

Trinity College has their own clubs and societies. Many Trinity College students subscribe to clubs and societies at the University of Melbourne. We have Thai society at University of Melbourne. If you join this club, you can meet seniors and you can ask them questions, get transition to the University. You can speak with them about their experience at foundation and gain some advice from them. This is an activity we always recommend to all students to get involve with as this is a way for you to make friends with people from other fields.

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We also have a lot of events such as Lunar New Year and Christmas. A lot of student events to help you get to know people, have fun food, and this is a way for you to get connected.

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne is the second most livable city in the world. The reasons are Melbourne is a very safe and multi-cultural city. There is a student hub for international students. We are rich of sporting and culture, food and coffee culture, and also a lot of art events. There is a lot of green space and outdoor life in Melbourne. You can get a tram from in the city centre for 30 minutes to a beach. You can go to Melbourne CBD from Trinity College only 10 minutes by tram.  

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Watch the introduction to Trinity College by a representative from Trinity College

If you are interested in studying at Trinity College, please contact Insight Education Consulting to get more information and apply. We are the official representative of Trinity College and the University of Melbourne.

Our service is free of charge.

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