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Study a Bachelor Degree in Australia

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After graduating from high school in Thailand, you may plan to study Bachelor degree abroad. Australia is one of the most popular destinations that Thai and international students chose to study. There are many good reasons to study in Australia, for example, it’s an English-speaking country, it’s safe, the low cost of living, great outdoors, nice weather all year round, and friendly people. All these make it easier for you to adapt to the environment.

5 Reasons for studying a Bachelor degree in Australia

  • Finish your degree within 3 years (except some programs i.e. Medicine (Honours) and Veterinary Science)
  • Work part time (up to 40 hours per 2 weeks) during your studies
  • Get a chance to study in some of the top universities in the world – Australia has 7 Universities in the world’s Top 100
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • Gain experience and learn new things from the new multicultural environment that you cannot find in Thailand

Type of Bachelor degree in Australia

A Bachelor degree is the first level of degree study at university. The Bachelor degree programs are designed to provide students with basic academic knowledge, critical thinking skills, creative ideas, problem-solving  skills to succeed after graduation either in higher education and/or a career.

Generally, a Bachelor degree in Australia will take 3-4 years depending on the program. There are many types of undergraduate programs, such as 3-year programs, 4-year programs, combined degree programs and honours degrees.

The 3-year Bachelor degree programs include:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBusAdmin)


The 4-year Bachelor degree programs and more than 4 years include:

  • Bachelor Degrees in Law (LLB)
  • Engineering (BEng) 
  • Agriculture (BAgSc)
  • Architecture (BArch) 
  • Dentistry (BDSc) 
  • Education (BEd)
  • Veterinary Science (BVSc/BVS) – 5 years
  • Medicine (MBBS / MD) – 6 years

Combined / Double Bachelor Degrees

The combined or double degrees are course where you can earn 2 Bachelor degrees after graduation. You study for the same duration of study or less than studying 2 degrees. This program will take 4 years of study.

For example:

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Information Technology, Macquarie University

Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Business, Swinburne University of Technology

Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts, UNSW Sydney

Bachelor Honours Degree

This program involves extended study after graduating with a Bachelor degree program, to add some research and write a thesis focusing in a specific area. Some programs will include Honors within the Bachelor degree program. You can see from the program names that have ‘Honours’ after the main program names, such as BA (Honours) and LLB (Honours).

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What is the required GPA and IELTS score for studying in Australia?

The required GPA for studying a Bachelor degree in Australia depends on the program and university you choose to study. We recommend you to get a GPA of at least 2.75 to enter a mid-level university and GPA 3.0 or higher for a top university. If you have good grades, you can have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship from a university or the Australian government. As for the IELTS scores, this will also depend on the program and university you choose but the average is 6.5.  We can help you check the exact requirements for the programs you are interested in.

What should I do if my grade and/or IELTS score does not meet the university requirements?

If your grade does not meet university criteria and is slightly lower than the criteria, the university may suggest you take a Foundation Studies program to prepare you with the necessary the academic knowledge and study skills before progressing to study a Bachelor degree at that university. This program will take around one year to study which means you will study four years (Foundation one year and Bachelor degree three years).

If your IELTS score does not meet the university criteria, the university may provide you an English foundation course called English Direct Entry program or English Bridging Program before you taking a Foundation Studies program or the Bachelor degree. The length of the English course depends on your IELTS score that you apply to the university.

The Pathway to study at a university in Australia

The cost of studying a Bachelor degree in Australia

The total cost of studying a Bachelor degree in Australia is around AUD$20,000 – AUD$45,000 per year.
*This cost for Medicine, Veterinary and Aviation will be higher.

The cost of studying a Bachelor degree in Australia


Prepare your English before studying a Bachelor degree in Australia

If you are worried about your English skill, you can take an English course in Australia. There are many English schools and institutes provide a several kinds of English course upon your purpose such as IELTS/TOEFL Preparation, English for Academic Purpose, English for a specific purpose (i.e. English for Business, Marketing, Medicine, and Aviation).  You can contact our counselling to request more information about English courses in Australia. Add our LINE official account: @insightedu or call 02 236 7222.

List of universities offering Bachelor degree programs

Australian Catholic University – Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Australian National University (Go8) – Canberra

Bond University – Gold Coast

CQUniversity – Brisbane, Cairn, Melbourne, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney, Townsville

Curtin University – Perth

Deakin University – Melbourne

Griffith University – Brisbane, Gold Coast

James Cook University – Brisbane, Cairn, Townsville

La Trobe University – Melbourne, Sydney

Macquarie University – Sydney

Monash University (Go8) – Melbourne

Queensland University of Technology – Brisbane

RMIT University – Melbourne

Swinburne University of Technology – Melbourne

Trinity College Foundation Studies – Melbourne

University of Adelaide (Go8) – Adelaide

University of Canberra – Canberra, Sydney

University of Melbourne (Go8) – Melbourne

University of Newcastle – Newcastle, Sydney

University of Queensland (Go8) – Brisbane

University of Sydney (Go8) – Sydney

University of Tasmania – Hobart, Sydney

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – Sydney

University of Western Australia (Go8) – Perth

UNSW Sydney (Go8) – Sydney

Victoria University – Melbourne, Sydney

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