Apply to study in Australia

Apply to study in Australia

Get ready to the next step by applying to your dream university.
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Apply to study in Australia

If you have decided on the course and university, it is time to go to the next step!

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Fill out our online form

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Upload your documents

For example

  • Transcript
  • Academic certificate
  • IELTS / TOEFL result
  • Copy of your passport
    If you do not have these document, do not worry. Our counselling team will contact you back directly.

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    Get advice

    Tell us about yourself and we can guide you to choose a course and university that is suitable for you.

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    Submit an application

    Help you through the process of preparing the necessary documents, completing and submitting an application form.

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    Verify all documents

    Help verify all of your documents without sending the original to the university and prevent losing your documents.

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    Follow up

    Follow up your application and offer with the university directly and update your status.

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    Apply for a student visa

    Provide you with step by step guidance on the student visa application process.

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    Support additional services

    Help find and student accommodation, reserve a flight ticket and travel insurance.

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    Arrange pre-departure briefing

    Give you information you will need to know before travelling to study in Australia.

    why student loves us

    We are official representatives appointed by our Australian University partners for over 29 years. We provide free counselling and services to support Thai and international students in Thailand to study in Australia.

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    Represent the Group of Eight

    The prestigious Australian Universities

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    Have supported over 3,000 students

    Thai and international students

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    29+ years experience

    Established since 1991

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    Qualified Education Agent

    by PIER