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Study at Australia’s No.1 University – University of Melbourne

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Hello, my name is Claire Bingley. I’m the regional manager. I’m working at the University of Melbourne, working with future students who are in Thailand. Today, I will give you a brief overview of the University, general information that might answer a lot of your questions and information about the undergraduate study.  

About the University of Melbourne 

The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853. At the moment the University is ranked “Number 1 in Australia” and “Number 32 in the world”. We’re really proud about national and international rankings. We’ve got quite a large international student community. About 65,000 current students are studying at our Parkville campus. We have about 10,000 academic and professional staffs on campus as well. So, it is quite a large community. 

The University of Melbourne is very international multicultural so the University community strongly reflects what the city of Melbourne is like. There are about 50% of the people who live in Melbourne were born overseas and there are about 42% of our students are international students from about 130 different countries. So, our classrooms are very multicultural and diverse. The extracurricular activities, the lifestyle in Melbourne and on the campus is a real mix culture and diversity, for example, food, festivals and cultural activities. You will have a truly international experience when you study and live in Melbourne. 

University of Melbourne Rankings 

The most important ranking and I’m proud of the University of Melbourne is the “Graduate Employability Ranking”. There are lots of reasons students decide to pursue further studies and the main reason is to acquire the skills and knowledge that will allow you to move into a profession, into a job that you’re really passionate about that reward you with job satisfaction and an appropriate salary.  

The graduate employability ranking demonstrates how well the University of Melbourne is preparing our students for life after graduation and to have career-ready. Our students are not only academically but with the graduate attributes that our industry partners are looking for. The most successful students find a balance between the academic studies and giving back to the University community such as making contributions, volunteering, participating in extracurricular activities, being connected with alumni, their peers and industry partners, developing professional skills, doing internships and gaining work experience. Many of our students are employed before they finish their really fantastic degree. 

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The Melbourne Model Curriculum

Our curriculum structure is very international. It aligns with the very best universities all around the world. Our undergraduate degrees are three-year programs. They had a component of major and depth of study and then a breath component. So the Melbourne curriculum encourages our students to have a multidisciplinary education, especially preparing them really well. After finish a bachelor degree, you can do a masters-level study to further specialize in the area you have discovered or to your career. 

Undergraduate Programs 

Our undergraduate programs are all three years in duration. We have quite a small list of programs but we have a huge number of majors that can be chosen. If you want to study Psychology, you can’t see a Bachelor of Psychology there because a psychology degree is offered within the arts program, science and biomedicines.  

Computer Science is really popular. Computer Science, Computing and Data Science programs are set within our Bachelor of Science. Engineering programs are also in a Bachelor of Science as well. However, it’s your electives and your breath subjects that will change depending on which degree you choose to enrol in. You need to choose at least one major but a lot of the degrees have the option for a double major. The ones with the little * there. So Arts, Commerce and Design have the option for a double major.  

Undergraduate Study 3-year program

Let’s get back to the curricular design a bit. For the professional qualification, we don’t have a directly entry for Medicine and Law. Engineering program at Melbourne is a five year pathway. Master degrees can be taken with business so engineering and business very popular subjects that really complement each other really well. So an engineering student who has that core set of skills in civil engineering can goes to their perspective employer with business skills such as project management, finance, and human resource management. Student who’s got that fantastic combination of subjects is going to be much more employable, and much more well rounded an experience. 

 As I said that Medicine is no direct entry at the University of Melbourne. So students usually begin their studies in a Medicine or a science program taking a Health Science major. 

One last thing I want to highlight is Psychology. Psychology is increasingly popular for students in a lot of countries. The main reason is students want to be able to use those skills and apply them to another career or another industry. Another reason is students want to combine psychology with other fields such as marketing and advertising to understand consumer behaviours.

Entry requirements for undergraduate degrees

Now let’s see entry requirements at the University of Melbourne. We are looking for academic performance for entry into our undergraduate degrees. If you achieved the IB scores or A level scores or GPA as shown below, you’ll be guaranteed a place at the University of Melbourne.  

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Admissions for international students


Some of the subjects taken in your high school will actually meet the requirements for the English language proficiency, if they don’t. there are other English language tests that can be taken to meet the English language requirements. So the most popular one is the IELTS. There are also other tests listed below.

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Admission – English language for international students

In case you aren’t eligible for direct entry into the University of Melbourne, we do have a pathway program at Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS).  Trinity College is located on the Parkville campus. You will be on our campus right in the heart of Melbourne city. Trinity College offers a foundation studies program that prepares our students really well for University-level study. Our students will take five subjects at Trinity College and the program are between 7 to 12 months in duration. Trinity College entry requirements are listed here. 


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TCFS Guarantees Entry into the University of Melbourne

Once you complete the foundation program at Trinity College, you are able to have guaranteed entry into the University of Melbourne. If you’re able to make these minimum scores.

Want to find out more information about the pathway program at Trinity College?

Please contact Insight Education Consulting, the authorized partner of Trinity College. Add Line: @insightedu or call 02 236 7222.

I would like to remind you a little bit about the admissions process. The University of Melbourne is focused on academic performance. We do not require essays, additional tests, recommendation letters, or personal statements. Your admission is based on your final year GPA, IB scores, or A level scores.

We also have scholarships for international students. Our scholarships are awarded based on academic merit so we don’t take any additional criteria into consideration. No extracurricular activities or anything like that. It really does come down to a focus on academic performance.

We do have faculty scholarships especially for a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts. And, there’s no separate application for a scholarship. You’re automatically assessed for a scholarship when you apply for your course because you provide us your academic results and transcript. So we’re able to make that assessment for admission into the course but also to see how competitive you are for a scholarship.

Scholarship examples:

  • Awarded for academic merit
  • 100% fee remission
  • 50% fee remission
  • 10,000 one-off payment
  • Faculty scholarships
  • Accommodation

Find all scholarships click here

Tuition Fees

Our tuition fee range from AUD$ 30,112 – AUD$ 61,096 per year. (e.g. Bachelor of Commerce in 2020 fee estimate from AUD$ 41,840 – AUD$ 44,756).

Student Accommodation

One last thing, I want to rise is about accommodation. There are many students who came from Thailand to Melbourne. We recommend our students to apply for our accommodation early. You don’t need to have a course offered in your hand to be able to apply for your accommodation.

There are lots of different accommodation providers. Some are right on the campus. Some are very close to campus, some are owned by the University and some are independent providers the have a mix of students from different universities living there.

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There are a few things that you really need to consider when you’re thinking about accommodation.  You may make a shortlist of providers or facilities that you want to apply for and think about your budget. 

You also need to think about whether you’re going to live in single or shared facilities. The shared facilities would perhaps reduce the living expenses somewhat rather than having a studio apartment and having your own bathroom and kitchen facilities. 

Then, thinking about how close to the campus you want to live. Most of the accommodation is probably between 5 to 15 minutes to the University within walking distance. However, it is really great for first-year students who are coming to Melbourne for the first time and making that transition. Some of our second or third-year students choose to live a little bit further away to be more familiar with the city, public transport, and adventurous. So they are happy to live a bit further to pay a little bit less rental for their accommodation.

The last thing you really need to consider is what services you want to be provided such as meals, academic support, pastoral care, and extracurricular activities. One of the key differences between our accommodation providers some provide meals but some you need to cook your own meals. If you like to cook by yourself, this might really suit you and to be able to go to the Victoria market or the grocery stores to buy your fresh product and cook your own meals. 

Some of our residential colleges provide three meals a day, seven days a week in a dining hall. So you would go into the dining hall to have dinner with other students. Some of the dining halls look a little bit like Hogwarts. So the image below is Ormond College and their dining Hall. 

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Ormond College, Residential College of the University of Melbourne

Everyone will eat the same meals together. This is something that you need to start thinking about what are your preferences and what are the considerations you need to make when it comes to your accommodation. And remember, you really need to plan early before you’re about to start your course in February as it is the peak time for international students in Melbourne. The reason is you may not be able to get your first or even second preference if you’re applying late for your accommodation. 

Get more information about student accommodation in Melbourne, please contact Insight Education Consulting. Add Line: @insightedu or call 02 236 7222.

We also a have Thai Student Association. They are very active. We have a fantastic network. You can connect and follow Facebook and Instagram as a future student. I recommend you connected with the University community as it will give you an idea about the types of activities once you’re a student at the University of Melbourne.

Instagram: @tsa_unimelb

Interested in studying at the University of Melbourne, contact Insight Education Consulting to get more information and free counselling. We are the official representative of the University of Melbourne.

Our services are completely free of charge.

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