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UNSW Sydney Top 50 Universities in the World

Hi everyone, I’m Lynn Ann. I’m in charge of recruitment for the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Today I want to show you the information about the University of New South Wales. 

UNSW Sydney is a University in the Group of Eight (Go8). We are really ambitious. We actually have invested a lot of money and also have done a really great job in teaching and research in order to push her to further higher rankings. 

We are proud of our reputation and rankings. At the moment, UNSW Sydney is in ‘No.43 in the world’ according to the QS World University Rankings 2020 and our Graduate Employability is ranked No. 27 in the world. 

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We are the number one institution attended by Australian startup founders. We are also the leaders in education as a member of the Group of Eight in Australia. We are one of the 11th universities which are ranked as the Five Star Plus. We have 21 subjects in the top 50 subjects in the world, including Mineral & Mining Engineering (No.6), Civil & Structural Engineering (No.12), Law (No.14) and Accounting & Finance (No.15) by QS World University Ranking by Subject 2019.

Our university is located in Sydney. Sydney is Australia’s financial hub and also the number one choice for international students. We are not far from the centre of the city. If you take the railway, it will be less than 15 minutes to get through the campus from the CBD. We are also very close to the airport and also nicely just like Coogee or Bondi beach. 

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We have supported international students to earn the salary and get a good job. We have development seminars, career development seminars or academic skills workshops. We also have individual appointments to talk to us about your career planning, job application or job search strategies. 

We also offer the professional development program where we will do three day seminars and then you improve your skills like CV and interview skills. You will also have digital online resources to support you such as English support and checking your resume.

UNSW Sydney is recognized as a leading university in the Excellence in Research in Australia and is known internationally for pioneering research in areas of photovoltaics, solar energy, quantum computing, interactive cinema and HIV/AIDS research. We also have some projects for students to join an internship. We have a really strong connection with industries.

Our Faculties

UNSW Sydney has eight faculties.

Art and Design

One of the top-ranking faculties is Art and Design. If you’re study Art and Design, you can have a job as designers, graphic designer, digital media designers, UX designers media specialists and many more.

Arts and Social Sciences
We are in the top 50 in the world – No.34 in the world for Social Sciences and No.42 in the world for Arts & Humanities. For the work opportunities, you can be a media advisors, publishers, research consultants, development specialist, project managers and many more.

Built Environment

In this faculty, you will study architecture, city planning or urban data analysis that you can become an urban data analysis.

Business School

We are top rankings for Business. Our Accounting and Finance is ranked number one in Australia and No.15 in the world. And our Business & Management studies and Economies & Econometrics are also in the Top 50 in the world. We have Master of Commerce or Bachelor of Commerce, Finance, Financial Technology and Supply Chain Management which are quite trendy. We also have an information system within a Bachelor of Information System or Bachelor of Commerce and also Master of Information System Management. We also have great MBA programs.


We are the number one Engineering faculty in Australia and is rated five-star for employability, teaching and research by QS World University Rankings 2020. There are activities for students to join like student projects to get credits or gain experience and to be recognized by the industry. 

Our four subjects are ranked in the Top global 50

  • 4 Mineral and Mining
  • 11 Civil Engineering and No.1 in Australia
  • 35 Electrical Engineering and No.1 in Australia
  • 40 Chemical Engineering


Our law school is ranked No.14 in the world by QS World University Rankings 2020 and No.15 for Employer Reputation. Our undergraduate degree in Law, we have the minimum duration is 5 years because you have to study dual-degree with an undergraduate degree in law. For example, you have to study Bachelor of Law with Bachelor of Commerce. We also have Master of Law which do not require a law background.


We are ranked in the Top 50 medical school in the world by QS World University Rankings 2020. So we have Bachelor medical studies and Doctor Medicine totally six years. If you want to be a doctor but do not want to take six year programs from the beginning, you can also do the Bachelor of Science for three years then do one year honour and then you do the Doctor of Medicine for four years. So the total duration is 7 years. This way, you don’t have to make a decision at the beginning but you have time to think about medical science first and then see if you are really interested in becoming a doctor and you can do the medicine later. We also have postgraduate degrees in Public Health or International Health.


We have five subjects ranked in the global Top 50 in the world.

  • 22 Psychology
  • 23 Environmental Sciences
  • 31 Earth & Marine Science
  • 36 Mathematics
  • 42 Materials Science

Here you can study some are interesting like in psychology, science, materials science, or technology. We also have a Bachelor of Aviation and management in aviation.

At UNSW Sydney, you will gain lots of opportunities to do the internship or work placement in Sydney. 

Also, do the internship in other countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam. We have more than 300 exchange partners across Asia, Europe, North America and South American.

We have a study abroad program which is similar to the exchange program. So you can study up to a year studying somewhere else like in the USA, UK and you could get the credits to the units then you can come back to the UNSW Sydney to finish your bachelor degree

We also have a global network of alumni. There are about 300,000 UNSW graduates, living in over 140 countries are working for some of the world’s biggest companies, including Google, PwC, HSBC and Facebook.

UNSW Sydney Intakes

Basically, most Australian universities have only two semesters – February and July. But at UNSW Sydney, we have three terms – February, June and September.

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We also have the main two intakes are in February and September. So, if you are interested in June intake, you need to check the courses available for June intake. You actually can finish your degree earlier than others. You take 3 subjects per term which means in one year you’ll take nine subjects instead of eight subjects, so you can finish a bit earlier.

Here are the key dates for the coming intakes in 2020 and 2021.

Student Activities and Supports

At UNSW Sydney, you will have all the interesting activities to join but those are hard work in order to achieve a really excellent result and also get ready to find a job. To support our students, we have many programs for international students like culture mentor, international student experience unit (ISEU), language and conversation skills and lots of activities and support from academic support. Both international and domestics students can easy to access to the support from the University all day, for example, career services or getting support for health well-being and we also the student association on the campus where you can actually get there and join all type of student associations together with your friends and build up your network.

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You can always join some gyms, sports activities. We have free membership for students. Some clubs may charge you about AUD$5 or less than $5 but just only to get your commitment with them per year.


Next, let’s see our accommodation on campus. We actually have two types of accommodation on the campus with the apartments. If you register, we will give you the offer for the colleges besides register or apply for the accommodation. You also have to get through an interview and you will have several options like you can stay in the private ensuite, shared bathrooms or you can choose self-catered or a meal plan that provide you 19 meals per week.

How to apply to UNSW Sydney

Now, it’s time to know how to apply to the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney).

Step 1: Check program on our website
You can go to degree finder and then find a degree and make sure that you choose the right type of students because we actually have different requirements for domestic students and international students.

Step 2: Check your entry requirements

You can submit your application and accept through Insight Education Consulting so they can give you better support. Once your application is submitted you will also track the application on your portal.

Step 3: UNSW Sydney send you a letter of offer

We will check the documents and send you an offer, either a conditional offer or an unconditional offer.

Step 4: Accept your offer

If you receive a full offer, you can accept the offer and then you can do deposit and receive an electronic confirmation of enrolment (e-COE).

Step 5: Enrol

Enrol your degree and courses. You will absolutely get units and get your UNSW student ID and password to access to your account at myUNSW.

The popular programs at UNSW Sydney

These are some popular courses with IB scores for your reference.

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And these are some popular courses with A-Level scores.

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Postgraduate Research at UNSW Sydney

If you are interested in postgraduate research then you obviously have to find a professor because the professor has to accept to be your supervisor in order to do your research at UNSW Sydney.

Pathway to UNSW Sydney

At the moment we have the foundation studies to get into the first year of a Bachelor. And we also have a diploma in business, computer science, engineering and science. After you finish a diploma degree, you can go to a Bachelor Year 2. So the second year will be a Bachelor degree. The Diploma is similar to the first year of a Bachelor degree but you have a smaller size of the class.

Foundation Programs at UNSW Sydney

Transition Program (4 months)

This short intensive program is recommended if you have very strong English language skills and have graduated from high school. You will need a senior high school qualification such as A-Levels, IB, plus IELTS of 6.0 or equivalent.

Standard Foundation Studies Program (9 months)

This program is recommended if you have very strong English language skills and strong academic results. You will have completed 11 or 12 years schooling plus IETLS of 6.0 (with a minimum 5.0 in individual scores) or equivalent. An offer can be made on the basis of your Year 11 or Year 12 Semester 1 results.

Standard Plus Foundation Studies Program (12 months)

This extended standard program is recommended if you have good English language skills and good academic results but would like a steady pace of study. You will have completed 11 years of schooling (primary and secondary) plus IELTS of 5.5 (with 5.0 in writing and a minimum of 5.0 in individual scores) or equivalent. An offer can be made on the basis of your Year 11 or Year 12 Semester 1 results.

Extended Foundation Studies Program (15 months)

This extended standard program is recommended if you require additional time to develop your English and academic skills. You will have completed 11 years of schooling plus IELTS of 5.0 (with 5.0 in writing and 4.5 minimum in individual scores) or equivalent.

If you are interested in the Foundation or Diploma programs, you can ask Insight Education Consulting for more information and free counselling. Add Line: @insightedu or call 02 236 7222.

International Student Tuition Fees

You can find the up-to-date tuition fees on UNSW Sydney website. The cost depends on the Bachelor degree that you choose, but please be aware that they are just indicated tuition fee because every year tuition fees might be changed.

Student Fees*

2020 UG fees starting from AUD35,760

2020 PG fees starting from AUD35,280

*Fee increase slightly every year.

*Refer to 2020 prospectus for approx. fees.

*Other fees include student amenities fees and OSHC.

*A deposit is payable to accept offer.

If you get a scholarship, please be aware that the scholarship will be applied for the tuition fee of your second term, not from the first term.

Living Cost in Sydney

The living cost in Sydney is around AUD$20,000 per year and you can have work (part-time) up to 40 hours per fortnight during term time and full time during the holidays.

Webinar recording: Introduction to UNSW Sydney

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